Yoga Teacher's Learning Design Toolbox

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Become a Confident Teacher
Put the Teaching in Your Yoga Teaching!

This 8 page downloadable PDF explains the fundamentals of creating instruction according to educational theory. It is written in clear, easy to understand language especially for yoga teachers.

Think Like a Professional Educator


The 9 Events of Instruction spell out the steps to successful teaching. Use this simple format to structure your classes. It is a tested system, proven to be the most effective way to help your students learn.

See whether your students are learning what you wanted them to. When you you are clear on what to look for, for you have the confidence of knowing you really are being effective at helping your students learn.


Be a Confident Teacher

Take Students on a True Path of Learning


The biggest mistake teachers make is teaching skills that are over the heads of their students. Learning taxonomies are charts of action words you use to define what's the next best step for your students. Guide your students from step to step until they take all the steps toward knowing yoga in their bones.

The charts in this toolbox are specially adapted for yoga teachers.

True spiritual leaders don't talk down to their students. They treat them with respect.

Once you understand how to structure learning effectively, you grasp how to create relateable, practical lessons related to spirituality. Included are sample hands-on activities you can observe, teach, and assess.


Teach Spirituality without Being Preachy


Suzanne Dulin

Suzanne Dulin is a long time yoga teacher. She works professionally as an instructional designer, creating online courses for an engineering company.

She combines her skills in technology, teaching methodology, and yoga to help yoga teachers become better teachers.

She is the founder of Sadhana, a company that serves people who love yoga by creating online courses in yoga instruction, how to become a better teacher, and business skills for yoga teachers.

What People are Saying

"It's chock full of real things that people can actually use to change their lives!"

Lisa Barnstrom,

Professional Education Designer

Karen Matthew,
Annapolis, Maryland

The Learning Design toolbox was insightful, easy to follow and well organized in following the SMART approach to yoga learning. "Observable actions" was a key that some of us forget in our teaching and well defined in this toolbox. Thank you Suzanne for breaking it down and having it make sense.

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